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Monday, May 25, 2015

And. . .Groupies are Born! Home Free!

I was a little bit of a weird kid. I never really had any idols. My heart didn't pound at the mention of any particular singer. I didn't swoon just thinking about popular actors or ripped athletes. Which, quite honestly, befuddled my friends who plastered their bedroom walls with magazine photos of all the latest heartthrobs.

Oh, I admired people, though. Writers, mostly. . .Laura Ingalls Wilder (of course!), Maya Angelou, Chaim Potok. And I had favorite singers and actors, too.  Throw in a few athletes, and I had a good group of people I wouldn't have minded eating dinner with.

But giddy? Heart thumping? Dizzy? Nope. Just wasn't my style.

My weird childhood then meandered through a weird adolescence which moved into a weird adulthood.  I've had the chance to meet a number of "famous" folks along the way. . .A Beach Boy, Robert Mitchum, Kenny Loggins, the great composer and conductor, Dr. Nobuya Matsuda, Ester Rantzen (the British version of Oprah), Jerry Rice, and a number of other folks I can't remember at the moment.

But none of them made me go starry eyed.  So, I kind of thought I was immune.

Until Home Free appeared.


They won Season 4 of the a cappella competition The Sing Off two years ago, back at the end of 2013.  (And they won my heart, too.)

I mean, sheesh. Five strapping lads singing mostly country music a cappella? Count. Me. In.

If you like good music, check them out. And then let's buy an RV together to follow them around the US as they travel!

You're welcome!

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