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Monday, June 29, 2015

A Mama-Son Date

We're huge fans of individual dates with our kids. . .from the super simple act of cooking together or going on errands right through to formal, dress up nights at the theater or a restaurant. We just feel strongly that carving out some one on one time with each kid is of inestimable value.

And every once in a while, either my husband or I do something extra, extra special.

In the past, those events have included trips to London to see a musical (when we lived in England, of course!), one on one camping trips, and jaunts down the mountain and over to San Francisco. They don't happen often, but we hope they build relationships with and memories for our kids.  They certainly do for us.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Who is Ma Ingalls?

If you know anything about me, you know that I am a MASSIVE Little House and Laura Ingalls Wilder Fan.  My husband is well trained to purchase any new book related to the Ingalls, the Little House sites, or any one remotely connected to either of them. Love that man.

One day I was doing some research for a book project and was looking at my over stuffed shelf dedicated to all things Little House. There are books about recipes, Eliza Jane, recreated journeys and all sorts of related tomes. History, biographies, devotionals, collections of articles, how-to's. And, of course, all the fictionalized accounts based of the various Little House women.

Monday, June 01, 2015

Introducing. . .

 Funny dog sits like this on benches! 

It's been about six months since we lost our beautiful 3 year old black lab, Riley Mei.  That was a hard loss to process for our whole family.  Especially the kids.

We still had Prince, though, and he's the best dog ever. A golden lab/retriever mix, he was precious from the moment we brought him home from the shelter about four years ago. We couldn't believe his previous owners didn't want him.

But Prince began to get lonely. Not for people. . .he was with us 24/7.  No, he seemed to miss Riley and their romps through our bit of forest. And their endless games of tug of war. And just having another dog pal to tell his doggie secrets to.

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