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Monday, June 29, 2015

A Mama-Son Date

We're huge fans of individual dates with our kids. . .from the super simple act of cooking together or going on errands right through to formal, dress up nights at the theater or a restaurant. We just feel strongly that carving out some one on one time with each kid is of inestimable value.

And every once in a while, either my husband or I do something extra, extra special.

In the past, those events have included trips to London to see a musical (when we lived in England, of course!), one on one camping trips, and jaunts down the mountain and over to San Francisco. They don't happen often, but we hope they build relationships with and memories for our kids.  They certainly do for us.

This particular time, it was my turn with our youngest. Eight glorious years old and the most fun you can possibly pack into a pint sized package, he's just the Best. Companion. Ever.

I wanted to surprise him, so we just packed up and headed out for a one nighter. I pointed the Suburban up the mountain and it didn't take Noah James long to guess our destination: Lake Tahoe.

We took our time arriving, visiting over looks and taking mini hikes. We played a round of miniature golf, ate some lunch, and then checked in to our hotel (which I got free from using hotels.com!).

After a couple of hours in the pool, we cleaned up and went out to dinner. . .his choice. He loves Italian, so Italian it was. And as we sat there, waiting for his fettuccine Alfredo and my eggplant Parmesan, I looked across the table at his big blue eyes and sprays of sweet freckles and could not believe how lucky I am.

I'm lucky to have these moments with one of the most amazing little guys ever. I'm lucky to have a husband who not only endures these infrequent trips, but encourages them (and does them, too!). I'm lucky to have kids who still WANT to do one on one stuff with boring old mom.

I'm just plain lucky.

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