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Monday, July 13, 2015

Thoughts on a Home Town 4th. . .

Sometimes I feel like I live in a mountainous version of Mayberry. Never more than on the fourth of July. Our darling little alpine village of 333 humble residents manages to throw the most wholesome, down home, charming and patriotic bash EVER. There's music and food and crafts and numerous private, yet communal, front yard parties behind endless white picket fences.

But the first event of the day is what really draws thousands up to our hidden little town from hours around: Our Home Town Parade.

Floats and bike riders and fire trucks, wagons and old time cars and members of the military. They're all there, marching and waving flags and squirting water at the crowds and throwing candy. It's simple and innocent and just plain fun. And I love it all to bits.

Happy Fourth of July, my friends!

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