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Monday, September 07, 2015

Camping With Friends: Food for the Soul!

People think we're funny for leaving our little cabin in the woods and going camping in another set of woods. And I guess we are, a bit.

But camping isn't just about the trees. . .it's about the getting away and shutting off of distractions and being more present in the lives of those you love.

So our vacation this year was a split camping trip: the first leg was in the Redwoods of Northern California and the second was further up the coast at Patrick's Point. Each half had it's own beauty and experiences and set of friends that went along with it.

At Richardson's Grove, just south of Garberville, right off of Highway 101, we enjoyed the swimming hole, seeing the river otter fish, Confusion Hill, and singing around the campfire while we made yummy s'mores.

Further up the coast, just north of Trinidad, we thrilled at sea lions basking on the coastal rocks, hiked the stunning (if lengthy to get to!) Fern Canyon, watched the surf fish running, and built epic sandcastles as the stunning sunset sunk into the Pacific.

We saw beautiful things. We had lovely excursions. But, most of all, we were blessed with incredible times of connection with people we love.

I love to travel, and am not averse to a comfy hotel room here and there. But given the choice, I'd choose sitting round the campfire, slightly sticky and smelling faintly of smoke, with people I've known for years, talking about the day's adventures and planning for tomorrow.

Each and every time.

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