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Monday, November 16, 2015

A Yurt, A Laptop, and a Whole Lot of Quiet

My husband and I used to say that all we wanted was a quiet life.  You know, a small little house in some small little town. . .2.3 quiet kids. . .a regular job.  Nothing particularly dramatic or eventful, thankyouverymuch. And, OH!, how we must have made God guffaw each time we uttered those ridiculous words!

Quiet life? Us? We seem unable to handle fifteen minutes of silence, let alone a whole life!

Take now, for instance.

We seemed to be on the cusp of what, for us, is a “slow” spell. . .autumn sports are winding down and the kids aren’t into winter sports (other than recreational sledding and snowboarding!), there are no expected major health events for our special needs kid happening for a couple of months (knock on wood!) and we’ve streamlined his current various therapy and support services, fall school concerts and fundraisers are over, my first book is just about completed, and our home renovation project for this year is finally finished (yay for functional and remodeled kitchens!).

So, one would think we are on the cusp of as quiet a period as our family ever experiences, wouldn’t one?


Or not.

Out of the blue, an opportunity to complete a Master’s degree has presented itself. I abandoned doing a Master’s many years ago in order to move to the UK to date my husband. (It was a good call. He was worth the sacrifice!)  But I didn’t expect to be able to pick it back up again until our youngest (now 8) was a whole lot older. Especially since our 14 year old has so many medical issues.

So it was my turn to guffaw a bit. Now, Lord? A Master’s? That’s a whole lot of commitment over the next two and a half years!!

And what about the next couple of books I’m committed to producing in the next year? And what happens when baseball starts up in spring and our son goes back into the hospital for the next scheduled thing? And my blogs. . .and my kids. . .and my marriage???


Quiet life, indeed!

Now, I could have simply turned and ran screaming into the night. And, honestly,  I was tempted to do just that.

But then I remembered that every time I said “WHAT?!?!?!” to some new and overwhelming road God seemed to want me to journey down, if I went down anyway, the most amazing things awaited me:  my British husband, my foster and adopted kids, my miracle biological baby, my travels through many countries, and even my soon-to-be-published book.

So, I made a quick escape to a yurt (courtesy of a nearish camp area), pulled out my laptop, took some deep breaths, and competed the complicated and involved application process.

The place was quiet, being fall and low season, and I appreciated that as I worked feverishly to finish the application. But there was more than just a physical silence in my primitive surroundings. There was a resounding peace in my spirit.

You know why? Because a quiet life has nothing to do with the noise and chaos of your job or home or relationships or surroundings.

It has everything to do with an abandoned trust in the One who orders your steps.


  1. So what happened. Did you get your Master's?

  2. Sometimes, it is very important to go outside and get connected with nature. In such moments, your spiritual power increases.

  3. What else is needed when you are outside? Just refresh your brain and stop using your laptop. A lot of quiet will not be bad for you!


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